Raam Maar initiative for drawing art originated as a result of what we considered an urgency; during the outbreak of the Co-Vid19 Pandemic and its subsequent reinforced measures of social distancing within the community, the need for a local cultural cooperation developed. The specific circumstances created the conditions in which the urgency for intimacy and proximity was felt, and this lies at the core of what Raam Maar is as an autonomous artist run, alternative exhibition space. The essence of this platform revolves around the idea of simplifying and facilitating the relationship between the local neighborhood and the cultural community. Cultivating an approachable sense of exchange by focusing on small scale exhibitions and events that promote intimate experiences, awareness and a new perceptiveness. Raam Maar exposes the diversity of worlds, artworks and individuals all intersecting within a specific territory.

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Raam Maar
We are always looking for new talented artists from around the world to do projects with