List of artists who showed their work in our window
* Target by Machteld Rullens (05-06-2020 Till 12-06-2020) This series depicts images of targets or 'bulls-eyes' drawn from the artists memory as an attempt to recall this global recognizable visual construction.

* Pollination Party or 'the mysterious cloud of unknowing' by Sophie Steengracht (12-06-2020 Till 19-06-2020) A series of small prints showing various processes and stages of cycles in the natural or not man-made world. It's about re-establishing our ties with non-human beings and looking closely at stages of metamorphosis in plants, animals, celestial bodies and natural phenomena.

* Le Jardin depuis le balcon by Jeroen Kuster (29-5-2020 Till 05-06-2020) A series of drawings of plants that a grow on the balcony of the artist or can be seen from the balcony. The plants depicted transcend from reality into fiction.

* Heritage of the Accursed by Ewoud van Rijn (15-05-2020 Till 22-05-2020) Described in his own words as: The scatological abject presented as the objective subject; a serial portrait for the times as nine repetitive shitheads.

* Mechanismuskollektor by Cedric ter Bals (08-05-2020 Till 15-05-2020) This is a series of colour pencil drawings and collages about a collector of all sorts of beautiful objects and mechanical contraptions, which ultimately encompasses organic structures such as animals and humans.