List of artists who showed their work in our window

Bob Mollema

* Dubieus Hart by Bob Mollema (04-09-2020 Till 11-09-2020) A series of drawings that will be making their debut in our Rotterdam window, is about different forms of power, its subversion, and personal associations that arise from Mollema's thoughts. However deriving from different themes such as holidays, authority, sports, and hunting, Mollema's drawings form a clear unity that, in his opinion, show the sometimes sick habits of our time.


* Parkieto by Fien Cox (02-10-2020 Till 09-10-2020) This series depicts images of the parakeet as a study object.
* Target by Machteld Rullens (05-06-2020 Till 12-06-2020) This series depicts images of targets or 'bulls-eyes' drawn from the artists memory as an attempt to recall this global recognizable visual construction.

* Pollination Party or 'the mysterious cloud of unknowing' by Sophie Steengracht (12-06-2020 Till 19-06-2020) A series of small prints showing various processes and stages of cycles in the natural or not man-made world. It's about re-establishing our ties with non-human beings and looking closely at stages of metamorphosis in plants, animals, celestial bodies and natural phenomena.

* Le Jardin depuis le balcon by Jeroen Kuster (29-5-2020 Till 05-06-2020) A series of drawings of plants that a grow on the balcony of the artist or can be seen from the balcony. The plants depicted transcend from reality into fiction.

* Heritage of the Accursed by Ewoud van Rijn (15-05-2020 Till 22-05-2020) Described in his own words as: The scatological abject presented as the objective subject; a serial portrait for the times as nine repetitive shitheads.

* Mechanismuskollektor by Cedric ter Bals (08-05-2020 Till 15-05-2020) This is a series of colour pencil drawings and collages about a collector of all sorts of beautiful objects and mechanical contraptions, which ultimately encompasses organic structures such as animals and humans.